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Since Jewish and non-Jewish believers are equal before G.d, why then have a distinctly Jewish-oriented congregation?

Because there is a need for it. It is a historical reality that people assemble with others of like culture, language and tradition. Rather than assimilating into the Gentile-dominated churches the Jewish believer can worship G.d and practice his Messiah-centered faith in a context that respects Jewish life and tradition. Unlike in the Gentile Church our congregants can bar-mitzvah their children, observe the Jewish life-cycle events and biblical holy days, follow the weekly Torah readings, etc. Maintaining one's Jewish heritage is a distinct calling not to be cast off when becoming a follower of Yeshua. Messiah does not ask us to stop being male or female, black or white, Jewish or Gentile, etc. The New Covenant refers to Messianic Jews as a "remnant" within Israel who are "chosen by grace" (Romans 11:5). As such we desire to maintain that Jewish identity.